What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy occurs when a nerve loses its ability to properly function and communication is altered between the brain, spinal cord and another part of the body. Neuropathy can be painful or it can just feel like you have lost sensation to a hand, arm, leg or foot. There are several different types of Neuropathy including peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy and chemically induced neuropathy.

The most common neuropathies are from Diabetes, Cancer, Trauma, Medications or poisons, Infection and autoimmune diseases and vitamin deficiencies. Neuropathy can also be hereditary.

Neuropathy can affect any nerve and cause a number of different symptoms including: Sharp pain, numbness and tingling or burning in the hands and feet, muscle weakness, loss of sensation, loss of coordination, the inability to feel temperature (hot or cold), even difficulty grasping objects or walking.

Another form of Neuropathy can impact your automatic (autonomic) nervous system and cause problems with digestive and metabolic systems. This could lead to symptoms like heart rate changes, increased weight loss, indigestion, loss of bladder and bowel functions and dizziness.

Aligned Life Medical uses a thorough evaluation to determine which types of care will help your body best deal with the Neuropathy you are experiencing.

Lab tests, physical rehabilitation, laser therapy, bio-modulation, regenerative treatments that may include amniotic allograft injections, nutritional advice and plans, supplements and whole body vibration are some of the things that people

If you have numbness or pain in your hands or your feet or are suffering from another form of Neuropathy make an appointment today at Aligned Life Medical.

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